Building Business Case Capability                             

The ability to build a business case that results in the delivery of value in the form of improved revenues, lower costs or enhanced productivity is an essential skill that every aspiring leader and executive needs to have in order to make their mark on the world. 

A the end of the day people are measured by their achievements i.e value they have delivered, not what they say they are planning to deliver.

When undertaking the development of a business case the focus must be on value delivery.

Business cases that absorb time and cost and do not result in the creation of new value are worthless.

In just two days we can help you to develop the expertise to create business cases that are innovative, provide all the essential information that is required for good governance and quality decision making but most importantly provide a blueprint for delivering value.

Our focus is on training leaders to create business cases that feature:

The key to the creation of value oriented business cases lies in the 6D Development Framework.

The 6D Development Framework developed by Solution Matrix Pacific Ltd is designed to provide to business case developers with a comprehensive development process. The framework  encourages innovative thinking, provides the appropriate level of information for decision makers and facilitates the delivery of value by integrating the value realisation into real time operations.

The 6D Framework is also of value to the decision makers as it provides practical guidelines for both the creation and the assessment of business cases.

Features of the system include the design of innovative scenarios, the development of analytics that include financial metrics, cash flow, risk and sensitivity; and most importantly a blueprint for  the delivery of value through the integration of the business case actions with routine operations.